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Grease Guardians

LAB Powders

LAB Powders

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Calling all wax geeks! Our test products are designed to satisfy even the most meticulous and adventurous wax enthusiasts. We are dedicated to find the absolute treasures. So, here we focus on specialized conditions, don't leave no wax untested. Get ready to geek out!


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All our test products will points towards the wax geeks that doesn't want to leave anything untested. They often have a narrow temp. span or works a glimpse better in specific conditions.

Formulated for testing purpose of Competitions and high-performance skiing, this powder gives you the speed boost you need on the toughest slopes. Its unique formula creates a ultra-hard and durable layer on your skis, providing maximum protection and enhanced glide.

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How to Apply:

  1. Apply desired powder
  2. Remove surplus powder with a scraper
  3. Rinse the base with a fiber-/horsehair rotor brush
  4. Expose the structure using a fine steel(bristle D 0,08) 3-4 strokes(hand brush)
  5. Polish with a nylon rotor brush

Grease Guardians

Grease Guardians believes speed is an art form, and our ski wax is the brush. With every application, skiers unlock a level of performance and agility that sets new benchmarks for what's achievable on snow.